Gift and Estate Planning

Interested in giving back, as a way to say thank you for a hospice experience that touched your life?

This is your opportunity to create your personal legacy and help us deliver and support compassionate care at the end of life.

Discover ways to give as well as save – meet your financial goals and maximize your charitable intentions through gift planning with The National Hospice Foundation.

Opportunities to make a difference:

Our confidential resource Gift Guide available gift planning options can assist you in calculating income and tax benefits you may receive from all of the available gift planning options.

If you have made a lasting gift for Hospice, we invite you to return this form or call us – so we can thank you and welcome you into The Legacy Society.

Please contact our gift planning office or 703-837-3155 if you would like more information.

Information on this website is not intended as legal, tax or investment advice. All gift options should be discussed with your legal, tax and financial planning advisers.