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My Personal Connection to Hospice
By Tim L. Pape

Carol Walls: Grateful to Hospice for Help with Her Vision and Giving Back
By Emily Toadvine
Heritage Hospice, Inc., Danville, KY

WWII Veteran in Hospice Care Recalls Sinking of Ship in Pacific
By Larry Kinneer
State of the Heart

Volunteer Finds Unusual Task: Dogwalking
by Larry Kinneer
State of the Heart Hospice
A Truck Driver Makes Time to Volunteer with Hospice In Between Trips

By Larry Kinneer
State of the Heart Hospice

Lessons from My Sister Cathy, Disney and Hospice
by Sue Hazelton

On the Way to a Hospice Unit, an Ambulance Crew Takes a Woman to Visit Her Late Husband's Cross in the Park
By Judy Jenkins
Correspondent for The Gleaner newspaper, Henderson, KY

“The Music of My Life”: A Life Review Through Music
By Larry Kinneer
State of the Heart Hospice

I Knew I was in the Right Place at the Right Time
by Jean Campbell, LISW

Fulfilling a Wish to Speak to a Mother One Last Time
By Larry Kinneer
State of the Heart Hospice

How Hospice Helped Me While My Grandpa was Living There
By Katie Pabst

I Was a Reluctant Hospice Nurse
By Cathy Mayberry
Decatur Memorial Hospital

94-Year-Old Lucy Wolfe Volunteers in Hospices—in Ohio and Florida
By Larry Kinneer
State of the Heart Hospice

Brad and Trudy's Story: How Hospice Helped a Young Family
by Tracy Rathe
Nebraska Hospice and Palliative Care Partnership

What it Means to be a Chaplain
by Kenneth Kelley
Horizon Hospice, Chicago, IL

The Story of Deven Jones, a 6-Year-Old Boy
by Tracy Rathe ,Communications Coordinator
Nebraska Hospice and Palliative Care Partnership

Brenda: A Daughter First, Then a Nurse
By Tracy Rathe, Communications Coordinator
Nebraska Hospice and Palliative Care Partnership

Little Heirlooms, Lasting Legacy
by HOPE HOSPICE, INC., (Dublin, CA)

I Will Never be Scared of the Word Hospice Again
By Tammy Frye

Hospice: A Volunteer’s Perspective
By Mary Anne Ramer, copyright 2009

They Treated My Minnie So Well
By John E Quinn, Cornwall, NY

Providence and the Care of Hospice
by T. L. Wagner, MSSA

I have a special discretionary account that I feed at a low level from every paycheck. About once a month I take a look at the account and designate 10% of it to give to charity I usually spread the amount around unless there's an urgent need. Almost five years ago, my Granny died at the age of 96 after more than a year of hospice services. Thanks to hospice, her last year was comfortable and happy, and her death was dignified and steeped in love. In my book, that's a better outcome than any medical, surgical, or technological intervention ever produced.” 

–Kristin Odmark, Waltham, MA

My best friend and I give each other charitable donations for Christmas each year, and for 2010 I asked for a TisBest Charity Gift Card.  As I looked through the hundreds of options available to me for donations, I immediately knew I wanted to give to the National Hospice Foundation. I am forever indebted to the hospice in Stamford, CT for two life changing reasons - one is my mother, the other my aunt.

The amazing people who work in hospice organizations perform miracles every day.  They cared so gently for my mother, Gilda Suppa, back in 2001 as she was dying from leukemia. Hospice also helped care for my aunt and godmother, Barbara Grasso, when she died in the early 1990s from ALS. I was much younger then, and didn't have the responsibilities I had when I was the main caregiver for my mother. However, in both experiences, I could see that life was becoming impossible for each one of them and realized how much more we all came to rely on hospice.

Family cannot do it alone in times like these, no matter how much love there is. And that's why I am proud to be a donor to the National Hospice Foundation. 

-- Lesley Lane, Walpole, MA

"It is my pleasure to make a contribution of $3,000 to the National Hospice Foundation. My mother, Frances Tudge, was cared for by Evercare Hospice in Sterling, Virginia, for seven months before she passed away in September of 2009.
As her daughter, it was hard for me to see my mother's health deteriorate as she battled her terminal illness. While I know the weeks and months ahead of me will continue to be difficult in the grief of her loss, I am so thankful for all of the caring hospice staff who came in and took care of her, ensuring all her needs were met. While they were tasked with caring for her, they cared for me as well. I felt incredible comfort knowing she was in such good hands.
I initially made my gift to Evercare Hospice, but they have an agreement with NHF that donations go toward work advancing hospice at the national level. I was happy to make my gift wherever it can help the most." 

--Carolyn Follin, Sterling, VA

“In 2007, when I was 65, I rode my bicycle for 6,500 miles from Florida to Maine and designated NHF as one of the charities to benefit from my “Ride for Three Reasons.” My goal was to raise $65,000 per charity, but I actually doubled that amount!  I chose NHF because my goal was to raise public awareness about hospice, and the national organization was the best way to do that. If you want to read more about the Ride for Three Reasons, check out my website at When people ask me why I did the ride, I say, ‘What do we do with the rest of our life? Make a difference and pay back to the community. This is the small way to do my part.’  I chose hospice because I was touched by hospice angels with my mother’s passing.”  

--Bob Lee, Barrington, Illinois

“When my mother, Susan Rumble Sims (June 12, 1940- February 10, 2009) passed away we chose NHF to receive memorial donations. My mom had worked with a local hospice as a fundraiser and my grandmother had been a hospice volunteer. We could have designated a cancer group to received memorial donations but the hospice component was very important because the end point is so much larger than anyone can deal with by themselves. Hospice provides comfort and support to families during a critical, emotional time. We decided to designate a national hospice organization because we are pro advocacy – a national group is an umbrella organization that supports large and small hospices equally.”

--Kraemer Sims Becker, Westport, CT

“My annual fund donation to NHF is very meaningful to me. My first position at NHPCO was in the accounting department that supports NHF, NHPCO, and FHSSA. In that work, I saw the incredible tasks being done through FHSSA in Tanzania. It’s inspiring to me, the extraordinary resourcefulness shown by our Tanzanian partners, how they use those dollars and how far they make them stretch. I know NHF helped win the government grant that supports that work. My investment in NHF makes me feel part of the larger mission of our family of organizations—and that’s incredibly fulfilling.”

--Donald Cook, Membership Development Coordinator, NHPCO

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