Philanthropic Partnership for Honor/Memorial Giving

A Giving Opportunity with National-Local Impact!

The National Hospice Foundation works with for-profit hospice providers to manage and steward memorial donations given by grateful families and loved ones who want to show their appreciation. The Philanthropic Partners for Honor/Memorial Giving allows local donors to make a charitable donation that will have a national-local impact. As a Philanthropic Partner for Honor/Memorial Giving, your organization will:

  • Avoid administrative and management costs as well as financial risks
  • Eliminate the need to purchase expensive software and train staff
  • Maintain donors’ intent in making gifts toward hospice
  • Support a shared local and national hospice

NHF provides a seamless process for the partner: 

  • Simple process for check endorsement/processing
  • Donor acknowledgement
  • Informational binder that includes information on who we are, talking points for your staff to field questions from grateful families, gift processing guidelines, sample donor acknowledgment letters and sample family notification letters.

Through proper management and stewardship, NHF eases the burden the for-profit hospice faces with gifts that are not tax-deductible and ensures that the donor’s intention of honoring hospice and palliative care is fulfilled.

Partner Highlight 

Optum Palliative and Hospice Care (formerly known as Evercare Hospice & Palliative Care) has been a philanthropic partner since 2007.  As of December 31, 2013, a total of $257,970 has been donated to NHF through this partnership. 

“As a fellow Mission driven organization, Optum Palliative and Hospice Care is proud to sponsor the National Hospice Foundation.  We are pleased to give our unsolicited donations to NHF so that they may continue to educate and empower individuals by providing access to the appropriate information regarding end of life issues.” ~Cyndi Seiwert, Chief Operating Officer

If you have any questions Contact Sarah Meltzer