What it Means to be a Chaplain

By Kenneth R. Kelley, Sr.

A Chaplain is one who provides spiritual care

Through compassionate presence, And active listening

Your end of life struggle, they help you to bear

A Chaplain is skilled in serving humanity,

Some have experience, other’ s  certification,

And many have Masters in Divinity


A Chaplain is in touch with spirituality

Without  distinction in race,  sexual orientation,

And difference  in theology


A Chaplain is a person who follows the patients need,

It is patients that teach us,

And we learn how to intercede


A Chaplain can be counted to be a friend,

A friend is with you,

from the beginning to the end


A Chaplain is not the co-signer of death,

But rather a concerned, involved soul,

Who is with you until you take your last breath.