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Walking Across North America for Hospice

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“Colin was a wonderful house guest.He was very easy to get along with and a wonderful story teller. He has had a really interesting life and he was happy to share his experiences with us while he stayed in the area. I strongly recommend anyone along his route that has the chance to give Colin a place to stay and a warm meal. They will be left with the feeling of having met a really great and inspiring human being.  He was a pleasure we will not soon forget.”

--Linda van der Grinten, Southern Tier Hospice, Corning, New York

Halfway around the world on foot... 12,000 miles for hospice
‘World Walker’ wants people in the U.S. to follow his journey and support hospice

Dr. Colin Skinner, with the book that will raise money for hospices in the U.S. and Canada

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Introduction to Colin's Walk

Colin's Itinerary

Colin’s Press Clips

The Beginning of the Journey: New York City: August 21-22, 2009

NYC Sightseeing and then the Journey Truly Begins: August 23-25, 2009

New Jersey Conversations – And on into Pennsylvania: August 26-27, 2009

Pennsylvania – Some Great Connections, Some Tough Times: August 208-30, 2009

Great Camp Ground, Cold Night, First TV Interview: August 31-September 1, 2009

An Epic Day: September 2, 2009

More Walking in New York State – and a Homestay: September 3-5, 2009

Clocking the Miles: September 6-7, 2009

Visit to Southern Tier Hospice: September 8, 2009

Walking from Livingston County Hospice to Hospice Buffalo: September 9-10, 2009

The Good Folks at Hospice Buffalo: September 10 (cont’d) – 13, 2009

Niagara Falls – U.S. and Canada: September 14-15, 2009

Ontario, Canada: Durham Hospice and Hospice of London: September 16 -18, 2009

More Days in Ontario – Visit to VON Chatham-Kent: September 19-22, 2009

Walking to Chatham with Derek/Getting Picked up by Cal of Hospice Windsor: September 23, 2009

Meeting Mark, a Holocaust Survivor at Hospice Windsor: September 24-25, 2009

Guelph, Ontario: A Hospice Visit and a Social Evening: September 26, 2009

Visit to Detroit and the Hospice of Michigan: September 27-28, 2009

Walking to Port Huron, MI and Arriving at Blue Water Hospice: September 29-30, 2009

Blue Water Hospice – Then to St. Joseph Hospice in Canada – and Back to the U.S.: October 1-2,2009

Long, Nighttime Walk Into Flint, MI: October 3, 2009

Avalon Hospice, TV Interview, Revived Body and Mind: October 4, 2009

TV Coverage Pays Off! October 5, 2009

Bavaria and Brian’s House: October 6, 2009

Friends, Old and New: October 7, 2009

A Lighthouse Ghost? October 8, 2009

Finally Making Contacts in Northern Michigan: October 9, 2009

Farmer’s Market, A Quarry, TV Interview, and a Benefit Dinner: October 10-11, 2009

Encountering Friendly and Helpful People from Tawas to Harrisville, MI: October 12-13, 2009

“All I Have to Do is Recover from a Cold And Walk 150 Miles in Freezing Temperatures”: October 14-15, 2009

Good Times and Good People in Michigan: October 16-20, 2009

Reaching the Upper Peninsula: October 21-24, 2009

Animals – Domestic and Wild: October 25-27, 2009

Adventures Near Lake Superior: October 28-29, 2009

Three Easy Days of Walking to Escanaba: October 30-November 1, 2009 

More Days in Upper Michigan—Entering a New Time Zone: November 2 –6, 2009 

Colin’s Birthday: November 7, 2009

A Real “Country” Doctor : November 8-9, 2009

Wolves, Donations, Hospice Visit—all on the way to Ironwood: November 10-12, 2009

Moving Fast and in Tough Conditions: November 13 - 14, 2009

In and Around Duluth, MN with the Filmmakers: November 15-16, 2009

Preparing for Winter and Meeting Nice People: November 17-21, 2009

Bena and Bemidji, Minnesota: November 22-25, 2009

Cold Turkey Sandwiches on Thanksgiving Day: November 26, 2009

Leaving Minnesota and Entering North Dakota: November 27 – December 2, 2009

End of the Journey: December 3, 2009

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