Project 22

NHPCO team and Joyce Michel on July 1, 2011 at the start of their We Honor Veterans walk.

On July 1 and August 10, 2011, the NHF/NHPCO team walked 22K with Joyce Michel, founder of The Hutch Project.  NHF/NHPCO was very proud to have Joyce travel to DC for part of her personal athletic challenge, Project 22. Joyce walked 22 kilometers, 22 times in 60 days as a means to promote hospice and palliative care. The walks in both July and August with NHF/NHPCO were dedicated to raising additional awareness about We Honor Veterans, a special program to help hospices best serve Veterans at the end of life.

Most of Joyce’s walks were in her hometown of Philadelphia.  Joyce planned to walk in DC in July and decided to join a second time in August after having such a great time and taking in the scenery.  The 13mile route took walkers past many relevant monuments: the Korean War Memorial, the WWII Memorial, and the Vietnam Memorial. In addition, the route also will take Joyce and her companions through the FDR Memorial, past the Jefferson Memorial, around the U.S. Capitol, up the Mall to the grounds of the Washington Monument, through Georgetown, and over Key Bridge to Theodore Roosevelt Island.

Joyce successfully completed her last walk in Philadelphia on Thursday, August 18th.  We are immensely grateful to Joyce for her efforts to promote hospice-palliative care and dying well.