L. Evans

The staff at NHF first learned of L. Evans when we were contacted by her attorney with the news that in her will, she designated the National Hospice Foundation as one of three charities to receive funds from her estate. In total, her contribution to NHF will be over $100,000. According to her attorney, Evans was an extremely intelligent, generous and very private individual. She was cared for by hospice during the last week of her life, and had designated hospice in her will three to four years prior to passing. Her attorney shared a bit about her background and the exciting life she led.

Evans was born in 1921 in Maine. After losing her mother at an early age, she was raised by her father who worked in the lumber and forestry business. She was very gifted in linguistics and went on to study languages in college. She spoke French, German and beginning Russian.

After graduating, she went on to work for the US Naval Intelligence, which later became the Central Intelligence Agency, and worked in London during WWII. She lived most of her life in Paris and, working undercover, enrolled in a university and studied arts and culture. During that time she lived with several wealthy families and shared stories about attending the opera and brushing shoulders with the likes of the King of Spain. And, like any good spy, she even passed microfiche at parties!

Evans never married and had no children. She died in September 2011 at the age of 89. Her generosity will touch the lives of many.