Remembering Galen Miller

August 21, 2014

It was a year ago on August 22 that our colleague and friend Galen Miller died unexpectedly.  At the time of his death, Galen was serving as the Executive Vice President of NHPCO and its affiliated organizations.

Those of us at NHPCO, NHF, Global Partners in Care, and Hospice Action Network wanted to take a moment to reflect on Galen’s gifts to the field on this anniversary of his death.

Galen W. Miller, PhD, dedicated his life’s work to advancing care at the end of life. His passion was for hospice and care of the dying and his work on behalf of hospice and palliative care at the community, national and global level serve as an ongoing inspiration to many.

In addition to his long history dedicated to education, research and external relations on behalf of the nation’s hospice and palliative care community, he provided leadership for NHPCO in HIV/AIDS care, access to care in underserved populations and diverse communities, issues relating to rural care provision, innovations in end-of-life care, and strategic planning.

We remember Galen not only for his service but also for his breadth of knowledge, his skills and insights, his warmth, and his willingness to share these gifts for the greater good of others.

Our thoughts go out to all those who loved and cared for Galen.

We are grateful for the lessons Galen taught us and that continue to influence and guide us all.  

Galen W. Miller, 1951 – 2013.

Those who might wish to make a contribution in Galen’s memory to support the work of the National Hospice Foundation are encouraged to visit the NHF website.